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I help you connect the dots between your brand vision,

brand strategy and brand photography so your business feels authentic and cohesive across all customer touchpoints.


I worked with Jocelyn for my Branding Photography Session and it was one of the most smoothest processes I have had working with a photographer.


I really saw a huge difference working with her vs going with someone cheaper or someone who just started. When it comes to your brand you need to invest in someone that will be able to give you the results based on what your business should look and feel like and she did just that.


I had a one hour consultation in which Jocelyn had a whole brand brief prepared that actually helped me clarify the client and services I was selling and she also helped me brainstorm additional ideas along with a mood board, style and everything else.


I'm a sucker when people do their level best at their job and she exceeded that. The photoshoot day was also seamless. The whole experience was amazing! 

Huda Alvi, Solopreneur


Less Anxiety & Stress

Because you have strategies that work for your unique business.

More Time & Energy

Because you're focused on the right business activities that consistently lead to sales.

More Satisfaction & Fulfillment

Because you're working with dream customers over and over again.

Increased Confidence

Because you finally see yourself as an expert in your business and are a magnet for the people you want to help.


I'm Jocelyn Phillips.

My passion is helping people who, just like me, believed in something so much that they just had to dedicate their lives to it. People who love what they do so much that they took a risk, and will do anything to make it work. People like us, people with a story to tell, people with lives to change. I've distilled my learning and lessons into the work I do with my clients so they can take the shorter pathway to success.


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