Make your business stand out from 

the competition.

Let's be honest, there are tons of other businesses who offer the same product or service as you.  So how do you make your business stand out so you get the sales? By creating a BRAND.

But, where the heck do you start?! Right here!

Download this Branding Basics Starter Kit and start attracting more customers!

When you're clear on your brand you...

Stand out from the competition

Get clear on your business values and what makes your brand unique so you can communication consistently with your customers to gain trust and recognition.

Save time on content marketing

Know what blog posts, videos, podcasts, lead magnets, etc. you should create to attract more leads and customers.

Save money on paid ads 

Know which ad platforms you should buy traffic from and what targeting options you should use based on where your customers are.

Create products/services that sell

Create products and services that your customer NEEDS and know how to describe your offers in a way that speaks to your their problems and compels them to want to buy.

your brand starter kit includes:

Define Your Brand Activity Book
How To Attract Your Ideal Customer Worksheet  


Define Your Brand 


Use the Define Your Brand Activity Book included in this kit to compile a list of your Brand Words. 

Why is this important?

Word of mouth is an important part of any business. When your customers are talking about your business to their friend, what words do you want them to be using? 

In this workbook you will get clear on the values, strengths and the unique qualities that make up your brand.

You want your customers talking about your business exactly the way you want to be perceived. Remember, a brand is how your business is perceived by others.


Identify Your Ideal Customer 


Use the How To Attract Your Ideal Customer Worksheet  

included in this kit to determine WHO you are selling to.

Why is this important?

You could have the greatest product or service in the world, but if you're trying to sell it to the wrong person, you're never going to meet your sales goals. Because when you try to talk to everyone you end up talking to no one. This worksheet will help you identify:

  • WHO your ideal customer is

  • WHERE to find them

  • WHAT their challenges are

Any part of the marketing and sales process that “touches” the customer (which is pretty much EVERYTHING) will improve when you get clear on your customer avatar.​

I'm so proud of you for taking action!