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Family Photography 
for Free Spirits, Adventure Seekers and Animal Lovers

meet maddie and jocelyn


Sisters, artists, multi-passionate souls and your go-to-gals for photography.

Maddie has a deep love of the outdoors, animals and wellness practices. She infuses all of this into her photography sessions, resulting in so much more than just photos. Clients get an incredible experience along with lasting memories.

Jocelyn's specialty is in the studio. Her extensive experience in branding photography makes her highly skilled at posing clients in a way that looks natural, but also gets your best angles.


Making our clients feel comfortable in front of the camera is a gift we both share. 


Life is made of thousands of fleeting moments. Most of which we are too busy to notice, even though that’s exactly where our human essence is hidden. Capturing these moments through a camera lens is our simple way to document people, nature, and life, creating timeless portraits in the process.

For our outdoor sessions with Maddie you can choose The Water or The Woods as your location. These sessions are available all year long. From summer on the beach to winter wonderland in the woods, magical moments await!

Click here to see the event calendar for The Studio Sessions.

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