My main focus is to capture your family's relationship with each other - the love, the connection, the joy.  As a lifestyle portrait photographer, my photography style falls somewhere in between posed and candid. I am highly involved in my sessions, guiding and directing you to help create natural interactions that evoke feelings of connection and intimacy. I may come up and squish you together to get you close, place hands together, etc. Some shots may feel more posed than others, but trust me, I'm an expert at creating beautiful photographs that show the love and connection between your family. At our session, you will play, adventure, snuggle, run, jump, and maybe even get a little dirty. I always get a couple photos where everyone is looking at the camera, but after that I will direct you to look and interact with each other. 


Depending on the time of year preparation for your outdoor session will vary. We all know weather can be very unpredictable, but a little rain or snow can actually make for some really fun photos! Make sure to bring extra umbrellas on a dreary day or extra warm things in the winter. In the case of inclement weather I will reschedule your family session at no extra cost. 


Before your session, pack a bag with snacks, water and any small objects (like toys or lollipops) that might help us get their attention when it’s time for them to look at the camera. If they are old enough to understand you, it’s a good idea to prepare them for what’s to come before the session starts. Explain how much the photos mean to you so they know to be on their best behaviour. A lot of families discuss and pick something fun in advance as a treat after the session if they’re good listeners, like an ice cream cone, for example. It also helps if they’re bellies are full and they’ve has some good rest beforehand. Once you prepare them physically and mentally, then feel free to give them (and you!) grace! They’re little, and I know that some days don’t always go as planned. I’ve seen it all and will make sure to get you great photos, regardless of their moods. Our goal is to make this as fun and stress-free as it possibly can be for you and your family! I will ask you and your little ones to just be you at times. You might tickle, tease, or just be silly. I love grabbing these natural, organic moments. Don’t feel funny if you do not get direction at all times. Enjoy the moment and please don’t worry about a thing.


Some men aren’t overly excited to take photos. If this describes the man in your life, let him know that all he has to do is relax and have fun loving on his family. Take the pressure off. He’ll do great! By the time I am done, though, they can’t believe how fast it went and just how much fun they had!


Read through my Family Session Styling Guide!


Want your photos to look more editorial? Bring a little extra something with you! Fresh flowers bring an extra “wow” factor to just about everything, especially when they’re attached to something else, like a bicycle basket, tree swing, tent, picnic basket, balloons or car bumper. Whether you want to incorporate larger items like bikes, or smaller ones like blankets or hats, even planning for just one extra styled item could be a fun way to make your session more unique.


  1. Have fun! It is so important that you and your kids enjoy this experience because it will show up in your photos if someone just isn't having it. Relax and love on your family.

  2. This time is about you and what makes your family special. We'll spend the first little bit getting to know each other. We'll knock out the "Christmas Card" photos (ones where everyone is looking and smiling), and then set off. 

  3. Moments over poses: after we get the poses out of the way, you don't have to look at the camera anymore. You totally can if you want, but it's not required. 

  4. Always touching: be sure that your always touching someone. Whether it's a hug or snuggle, or just a tender hand on the shoulder. Make contact with your family. This shows connections and love.

  5. Don't stress: if your kids are nervous or acting a little wild, that's totally ok! I embrace children in every aspect of themselves. We're focusing on moments, so a shy kiddo can get extra snuggles and a wildling can have extra run time. It's all about your family in this season! Remember that. 

  6. If we are somewhere other than home, bring snacks, water, a blanket, jackets/cardigans (if it's cold), more water and snacks, and extra change of clothes in case someone gets too messy for the car ride home. 



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