Common Concerns Entrepreneurs Have About Professional Brand Photos

As a professional branding photographer and coach, I interact with entrepreneurs on a daily basis and I hear a lot of the same concerns when it comes to personal branding photos and social media. The most common concerns include entrepreneurs not wanting to take or post photos of themselves and entrepreneurs unclear about what a curated Instagram grid actually means. Check out my responses below and learn how elevating your brand photography is essential to fast-tracking your business success!

If I post a photo of myself on my business Instagram page it will mess up my Instagram feed.

This is a common concern among entrepreneurs who are new to personal branding, so don't worry you're not alone! Especially for those who have a product based business, it can seem counter-intuitive to post photos of anything but your product. But, in fact studies show that photos of people get more likes and engagement! With unlimited options for consumers to choose from, people are making buying decisions based on people they connect with and can relate to. Plus, if you want to build a brand that makes you stand out from the competition you need to showcase what makes your business unique. The biggest differentiator you have for your business is YOU!

I think a perfectly curated Instagram grid is annoying and pointless.

I hear this concern most from entrepreneurs who really value their authenticity and believe that perfectly curated means perfect & fake. But, that simply isn't true. The definition of curated is: selected, organized, and presented using professional or expert knowledge. When you work with me, your brand photos will represent the authentic version of you and your business. We infuse your business vision, values, lifestyle and personality into the photos so they are real representation of your business. Having a strategy behind the images you share on social media is the opposite of pointless. It can have a significant impact on your ability to connect with your dream customers.

I get anxiety posting photos of my face.

There are lots of different reasons why entrepreneurs feel this anxiety. Body confidence, fear of failure, imposter syndrome. I've felt all those things! At the end of the day it's human nature to want everyone to like us and to accept us. We all just want to fit in and gain approval. But really what's the worst that could happen? I know that you are passionate about your work and that you have big dreams. I will not only help capture photos that you will be proud to post, but I will prove to you that showing up leads to incredible growth in your business. When that anxiety creeps in I will be right there cheering you on!

It takes confidence to have professional photos taken and I struggle with confidence.

This one always breaks my heart a little because you are already so much braver than you think you are! You had the confidence to start this business and this is just the beginning for you. I want to let you in on a little secret. Confidence is a habit, not a trait. Many people make the mistake of waiting "to be" confident before saying yes to certain opportunities. ...and they will be waiting forever. If you truly want to develop the habit of confidence, instead try concentrating on taking action. The sequence of actions are what add up to being authentically confident. If you focus on DOING and BEING confident will follow. My branding sessions are a safe, judgement free space where we connect, have fun, laugh, dream and create magic together. Trust me, you got this!

I am so excited to help you navigate your personal branding journey so head to and let's get to work!


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