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A strong brand is the key to effective marketing, attracting dream clients and creating a consistent experience that turns customers into fans.

​Establish your brand identity to build trust & recognition.

Gain clarity on your offerings so you know exactly what you are selling and you are charging what you are worth!

Understand your ideal customer so you can easily attract

them to your offerings.

Enhance your customer experience pathway to increase repeat customers & referrals.

Learn how to apply your branding to your marketing & social media strategies so selling becomes easy.



Hi, I'm Jocelyn

I get it, the stakes are high! This business isn't just about you, it's also about all those other people whose lives you want to make better.

You deserve to see your business succeed and I want to help you make that happen. My passion is helping people who, just like me, believed in something so much that they just had to dedicate their lives to it. People who love what they do so much that they took a risk, and will do anything to make it work. People like us, people with a story to tell, people with lives to change. I've distilled my learning and lessons into the work I do with my clients so they can take the shorter pathway to success.

The coaching I did with Jocelyn was absolutely invaluable. She asked questions I'd never been asked (and I've taken a ton of social media marketing courses online!) She helped me get a clear vision of my brand strategy. I now feel like I have a plan in place that feels like me. I'm already seeing more engagement and I'm just getting started!



I specialize in working with solo entrepreneurs in service-based businesses such as photographers, wholistic practitioners, make-up artists, coaches, stylists, designers, nutritionists, etc.

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