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5 Style Tips for Your Next Brand Photoshoot

Ready to get dressed for your branding session and don't know where to start?

Not to worry, I'm here to help! Here are a few tips to help you decide what

to wear for your session.

A woman looking at clothing on a rack
Photo by Jocelyn Phillips Branding

01/ Your Colour Profile Should Reflect Your Brand

Having photos where the colours match your overall business style can be useful for your future branding needs. I personally have bright pinks and Tiffany Blue's throughout my website and these

photos really accented my brand

persona which I would label as "playful

and approachable".

If you don't have well established brand

colours, or prefer neutrals THAT IS

OKAY! Never feel you need to add a

pop of colour to your clothes. If you

are going to do colour - commit to

colour. Don't add a red shoe or pink hat

just cause you think you need colour,

this often looks messy and makes your outfit look disjointed.

We also love a monochrome look! Keep your looks in one colour family or in the world of neutrals.

02/ Keep Your Accessories to a Minimum

Adding too many accessories or components can look messy. Outfits with too much can also look outdated faster than outfits that are simple and well thought out.

03/ Start With One Piece and Build

Start with a dress, a top, a blazer etc. then build from there. I recommend keeping your base piece one colour as this will be easier to build on.

When building your look make sure to create balance. A tight style underneath looks good with an oversized topper like a blazer. If you wear a wide leg pant, pair with a tighter top.

A woman making a collage of photos on the wall
Photo by Jocelyn Phillips Branding

04/ Don't Be Afraid to Get Playful

Add Pattern

If you want to add some playfulness to your look, add a pattern rather than just a colour. Do a dainty floral dress and neutral coloured shoes. Add a zebra print shoe to a neutral outfit. But make sure you make it intentional.

Add Volume

Don't be afraid of oversized! It will not make you look bigger in pictures - that is a misconception! Rather, this adds texture and balance to your look - especially if you have a primarily tight look.

Colour Block

Rather than doing a "pop" of colour, do a few different colours together. Think contrasting colours. If you do a pink, pair with a yellow. If you do a blue, pair with an orange.

05/ Hire a Professional Stylist

A professional stylist can help create customized outfits that reflect your brand. The goal is not to make you simply "look" professional or like you just stepped off the stage of New York Fashion Week. The goal is to find outfits that fit you best and not to try to fit you into a style that doesn't suit who you are.


Still feeling overwhelmed about what to do? No worries! Book a FREE consult call where we can work to determine which styling service will work best for you. So what are you waiting for? Let me help you find your con-FIT-dence on camera!

Laura Elliot, Personal Stylist Pretty Little Style

Photo by Jocelyn Phillips Branding

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